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All software and hardware equipment used in the network must be updated and diagnosed on a weekly or monthly basis. If you have set up a network at your workplace and use it to communicate between employees and customers in order to speed things up, then you must have understood the concept of network support services in the true sense and well understood that communication interruption between systems will lead to disconnection between all offices, personnel and customers. Therefore, by receiving support services, you prevent possible network disconnection problems


Network setup is the process of assigning network-related settings, policies, flows, and controls. In a virtual network, it is easier to make changes to the network configuration because the physical network devices are replaced by software, eliminating the need for extensive on-site setup. Andisheh Farda company provides you with professional experts the possibility to set up your computer networks with the specified standards in the best way.

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In general, network support means all the activities that keep your computer network active, productive and up-to-date. Our network services allow you to keep your organization's computer systems and network healthy.

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Network experts are responsible for designing, building, implementing and maintaining computer networks of organizations and businesses. These networks can be telephone system, internet, extranet, etc. The responsibility of maintaining and maintaining these essential systems is the responsibility of the organization's network expert; which can include performance evaluation, periodic and regular maintenance, diagnosis and troubleshooting. Our team of experts with 15 years of experience in this field solves your network problems using the simplest solutions.


Who is the network support expert? A network support specialist is responsible for maintaining servers, personal computers,Network equipment is responsible for network software. This person must ensure that the network will be ready to respond to the needs of users in different situations. Our supporters are ready to serve you 24 hours a day in person and in person.

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Some of the services performed in the support panels:

  • remote supportOur network support can solve all your problems easily and without worry in the fastest time through remote.
  • Hardware supportThe most important part of an infrastructure set is the hardware part. We periodically check this infrastructure.
  • Dedicated services to companiesFor small to medium companies, all network support services are provided in one format.
  • Software supportSetting up and supporting the domain and all software under the network (active network services) is the specialty of our group.

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Andishe Farda In the least timeHe will send his experts to solve your possible problems.

Since your network problems are being monitored by experts 24 hours a day in the company's control and monitoring center system, before your call, the experts have solved the problems and if necessary, experts will be dispatched.

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We have special programs to support industrial plants.

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We will increase your work efficiency with proper and timely planning.


We have a special structure and rules for companies.

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What are computer networks?
Computer Network : Computer network Network) refers to the connection of two or more systems (such as computers, laptops, etc.) with the ability to send and receive data. This data transfer can be done with multimedia cable, optical cable or wireless. We can also make resources in the network available to all users in the network.
Installation of computer networks

We can set up your computer networks as quickly as possible and with specific standards.


Our company, with its experienced technical team, gives you the opportunity to solve user problems as soon as possible.

A team of experts

By providing useful solutions, our team of experts will help you step towards a safe and fast future.